Campaigns Wizard: questions about "Marketing" stage


I just upgraded to 7.6.2 and I was trying out the Campaigns wizard.

On the “Marketing” stage of the wizard, a few things left me wondering…

  1. The first field, “Marketing email”, what is it? I see it appears again in the final, Summary stage… but it is not necessarily an email, is it? I suggest that the explanatory message that appears when you hover should be improved. Another option would be to add an explanatory line below the field name, as the ones appearing in other fields below.

  2. The second field, “Use mailbox”, I get an empty entry (that works), plus a “none” entry. Not very intuitive.

  3. The third field, “Outbound email”, I get three options, all of them say “system”. Where is this coming from?

Apart from these quirks, the new wizard seems to be a great step forward and looks quite nice. Congratulations!

Hey PGR/pgorod.

Hopefully I can help out with your questions.

  1. The Email Marketing record is the actual scheduling of the group of emails using a defined template. An Email Marketing record is associated to the template and this is associated with the campaign. So for example, an Email Campaign will use a single Email Marketing record with a single Template. However a Newsletter Campaign (as it will more likely be a rescheduled campaign with repeat emails but at different times) you can create multiple differen t scheduled group of emails (each with their own template or a reselect the previous template) to send out and all the tracker info is recorded on the same campaign.

  2. We are renaming these labels to be more informative. Use Mailbox is the Bounce Mailboxes.

  3. The Outbound Email takes the System (which is via Admin and Email settings) and your personal Outbound mailboxes (perhaps you set it in your Email Module). To view available outbound mailboxes insert this in’t your URL (with your DOMAIN/PATH at the beginning) index.php?module=OutboundEmailAccounts&action=index

Hm I see… so the “Email marketing record” is basically a name we give to what we are doing in the Wizard (connecting a template to a target list, inside a campaign).

It is like a sub-concept of campaign (because campaigns can have multiple pieces, multiple “sendings”). So we could call it “Campaign instance”, or “Campaign Edition”?

If I understand correctly, an example of a value that would make sense to use there would be “June Newsletter” (inside a Campaign called “Newsletters”). Does this sound right?

One thing I don’t think I quite understand is why we enter the “Marketing record” in the “Marketing” stage of the wizard, but then get a list of Marketing Records to select from in the final “Summary” stage…

I would advise against using the current name (Email marketing record) because it’s probably going to be translated chaotically…

Thanks for the help.


I’ve tried 7.6.4 and the Wizard looks great. It’s easier to use and understand.

However, while translating the new strings I still feel the terminology needs to be improved, especially this “email marketing record” we’ve been discussing.

In a few places (but not all), this seems to be called “Email marketing message”. I like that term. It’s sufficiently different from the others and explains itself reasonably well.

Could we agree on that and make it consistent everywhere?

Believe me, 90% of translators won’t bother to really understand what’s going on in all those messages, trying the wizard in a running system, etc. It’s important to get this right or the end result will be that “campaigns are too complicated in SuiteCRM”…