Campaigns v. 7.8.4 to 7.2.1. Is possible?

Hello, I have CRM Suite 7.2.1 but the project is quite personalized and it is not possible at the moment to update it without many costs to version 7.8.4 at least …

In this version 7.8.4 I have seen that the campaigns have many improvements and functionalities. From my ignorance … would it be possible to just install this module in version 7.2.1 that we currently have?

Thanks in advance and greetings

No, sorry, mixing code from two different versions would be a complicated project in itself, I don’t recommend it…

Do you have a budget for an upgrade project? You should get some proper professional help fixing your installation, not only to upgrade it, but also to make it upgrade-safe for the future… otherwise you will run into these difficulties again.


that’s what I was afraid of.

Thanks and best regards.