Campaigns - reuse a campaign doesn`t work

Hi there,

we have the following setup:
we use the CRM to stay in touch with our clients and have target-lists of e.g. “technical staff Customer A”, “technical staff customer B” and so on.

From time to time we have to contact those people so the idea was to create campaigns like “campaign technical staff Customer A”.

The problem I face right now is, that when a campaign has been “used” for 1 mailing, we can not send another mailing throughout this campaign, the mails are marked as “rejected by adress or domain”.
I guess it’s because suiteCRM internally checks if an adress has been procedured by this campaign before and doesn’t resend mails to the same adress within one campaign again.

How can we set up mails for targets lists without creating a big amount of single campaigns for each customer?
The content we want to send differs from customer to customer.

we hoped this would work as easily as with our previous crm, but I guess it doesn’t…

are there any best practices?

thank you in advance!