I am trying to complete a campaign but in the end the below message is shown to me
I do not figure out what is going wrong
thanks in advance,

Your Campaign needs to reference at least one Target List.

That Target List needs to have at least one member (someone to email).

You can see the “Target Lists” module to check the lists.

You can use the “Detail view” of an existing Campaign to check (and edit, if necessary) the Target Lists associated with the Campaign. You don’t have to go through the whole Wizard just to change that.

i have already done these actions as you can see below
but again it does not work

A “suppression list” is the opposite - it’s the emails you want to remove.

You need to include a normal list to indicate to whom you want to send. (Then you can optionally use a suppression list to “subtract” some addresses from the first list).

Yes i see what you are saying
Although the email was not been sent to the recipients in the target list
Should i make any other changes?

Do you have your Schedulers working? Is it set to only send emails at night?

You can check also Admin / Email Queue, and you can tell it to send immediately from there.

Note that the same Campaign won’t send twice to the same email address. You might need to start a new campaign.

You need to setup these things perfectly before starting campaigns.

  1. Outbound Email
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Bounce email
  4. Tracker URL

Additionaly if you have suppression list , then keep it ready also.

I do not have created a scheduler yet but through Email Queue i sent them
Although i noticed that the same user can submit more than one the survey
Is there any way to contol these actions?

You probably want to set up your Scheduler jobs, more functionality depends on them (some workflows, and assignment notifications, and indexed search, and more).

See instructions specific to your system in Admin /Schedulers, at the bottom.

As i can see from Scheduler Jobs there is not any setting for the user so to not submitting a survey more than one time
Is there any chance to be somewhere else?
thanks a lot

I don’t think that option exists, you will have to provide some custom code for it. Users are not logged in when they send the Survey responses, so you probably just want to have a routine that deletes duplicated responses (keeping only the first, or only the last, whatever you prefer) based on some field value that you want to be unique (for example, Name).

This could be done with some SQL or PHP (custom entry-point) to “clean duplicates from Survey”, before running the report with the results.

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