Campaign Wizard presents blank page on Templates option

I have just installed a clean version of SuiteCRM 7.7, with demo data and it still fails.

Server is Ubuntu 16.04
PHP 7 - all prereq’s installed
MySQL Database

Installation was successful no issues/warnings.

I have looked in the apache2 error.log and see this:

PHP Warning: strpos(): Empty needle in /home/rick/public_html/suitecrm7/cache/smarty/templates_c/%%85^852^85294558%%get_form_header.tpl.php on line 23, referer: http://suitecrm7.<omitted_URL>:189/index.php?module=ProspectLists&action=Popup&query=true&list_type=test&mode=single&create=true&metadata=undefined&field_to_name[]=name

undefined means permissions issue, do you have all permission/ownership set correctly?

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It appears the SQL database was not set right, I ran a command and it fixed it. Directory permissions and ownership are correct, but the install docs do not provide much help. Found it all on the internet. All is working now. Noted everything to get this working. Took a while.

Thanks for the response.


I have exactly the same config, and the same issue. What did you do on the Mysql database to correct it?



set global sql_mode=""

This seems to happen in MySQL’s ‘sql_mode’ setting contains STRICT_TRANS_TABLES. The following steps fixed this issue for me:

Check your current sql_mode setting. In mysql client:

SELECT @@GLOBAL.sql_mode

You will see something like this:
| @@GLOBAL.sql_mode |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Now go to your my.conf file. Usually it’s in /etc/mysql/my.cnf. And add the following lines:

For example:

Now restart mysqld. On Ubuntu:

service mysql restart

And enjoy.

Dear All,

This is not complete or fully-correct solution, w.r.t., MySQL 5.7 As removing STRICT_TRANS_TABLES is not advisable as per the latest documentations of MySQL.

You may like to visit at:

Further, the upcoming upgraded SuiteCRM 7.8 (awaited) will be compatible with MySQL 5.7.

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Running the latest 7.9.5 and this is still an issue.

Any official fix?