Campaign Monitor and SuiteCRM

I know there is an excellent MailChimp/SuiteCRM plugin, but we are a dedicated Campaign Monitor user.

Our objective is to have two-way syncing of contact email addresses between SuiteCRM and CampaignMonitor (CM), with multiple newsletters they can subscribe to.

We want visibility of the newsletters inside SuiteCRM so that we can manage the contact properly.
But the contact will unsubscribe and subscribe to new lists from inside CM.

I haven’t played with Targets and Target Lists before, so not sure if they will fit our needs.
We use Campaigns primitively - just to identify how a Lead entered our system.

Logically a newsletter subscription should be attached to an email address rather than a Contact, as a Contact can have more than one email address.
But Studio does not allow extra fields to the Email module.
So I assume our first compromise will be to have the subscriptions attached to the Contact.
I was thinking of just a multi-select field, so they can subscribe to many newsletters. Eg newsletters, with values

From the CM side, we have two main options:

  1. A single list, with a custom field for newsletters that will contain all subscriptions. We can then segment the list based on that field, so that we mail out only to interested parties.
  2. A different list for each newsletter.
    I’m strongly leaning towards option 1 - a single list.

I assume we can use the SugarCRM API to kick off an update to CRM when we update newsletter subscriptions.
In CM when someone unsubscribes they suggest either a webhook or custom landing page as per
But that’s getting above my code grade.

Any feedback on whether this is a good approach?

Hi Chrisr,

In the long and short of it this sounds like an integration with CM is required.

Targets are the contacts/leads/users you will send a campaign to, and target lists are the lists you associate those targets to.

Not sure how this is handled in CM.

Also, you can add multiple email addresses to a contact/lead as standard.

On your single list/multiple list, SugarCRM works with multiple lists. It would require customisations to trigger on a certain value to separate the list and send out different campaign emails.



Hi Will

Thanks for the feedback.

So the correct way is to use Target Lists?

I just had a play in the suitecrm demo system.
Created two target lists: chocolate lovers and donut lovers.

I added a bunch of contacts to the donut lovers list, including sam spade, who I gave two email addresses to.
It is good that there is always a primary email address, so it shouldn’t be an issue syncing unless somebody wants to subscribe each of their email addresses and get multiple emails!

The first block would be that when I view sam spade’s contact details, I cannot see the fact that he is assigned to the donut lovers list.
In the demo system we don’t have access to the admin, so i can’t see if its just that target info is hidden.
Could you advise?

Will the SuiteCRM allow us to access target list details?

We will send the emails from campaign monitor, not suitecrm.

If we did choose the other approach, assuming it’s possible, where each contact has the list of newsletters assigned as a multiselect field at the contact level,
are you saying the api would need modifications to check a change in value of the multi-select field?

I would so love campaign monitor to build a plugin.


Hi Chrisr,

All sounds good.

You could simply add a relationship to show a target list sub-panel on the Contacts module to see which target lists a contact is a member of.

In terms of your single list with multiple newsletter options, this may require code customisations to the application to work how you wish.