campaign mail charset UTF-8

We’ve had to make changes to two phpmailer files in order for Campaign mails to be sent with Charset UTF-8. For some reason SuiteCRM (and Sugar before it) does not apply the Charset settings from config / config_override, (nor from User’s Email settings). All our campaign mails were getting sent with ISO-8859-1. The problem did not seem to show up with normal (non-campaign) emails sent from SuiteCRM.

So the only way to fix it is to hard-code UTF-8 into class.phpmailer.php

The two changes made to have Email body and subject lines to work with UTF-8 charset are:

  1. commented out one line in /include/SugarPHPMailer.php inside function SugarPHPMailer():
 // $this->CharSet	= $locale->getPrecedentPreference('default_email_charset');
  1. changed default charset in /include/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php
public $CharSet = 'UTF-8';

This seems like a bug in Sugar/Suite that has not been fixed in years. Has anyone else seen this? (obviously only relevant to non-English-users, as with German in our case).

Is there a way to fix the Suite/Sugar code that keeps it from applying the $sugar_config[‘default_email_charset’] = ‘UTF-8’; setting in config_override? I couldn’t figure out where the issue lies exaclty.

Can anyone else reproduce this? if so, I’d enter it as a bug in github…

I am having the same issue - campaign email template can be sent as a test. The moment the subject line is populated. Test campaign messages do not send. Nothing happens.

This has been very frustrated to say the least. Running Sugar version 6.5.20 build 1001. Version 7.3.2