Campaign Emails not being sent FROM users email

We cannot seem to get Campaigns to send from the users email address that is entered in the FROM address field of the campaign creation wizard. The recipient of the email sees the default email address from the Email Settings

The “Outgoing Email Account” has three choices to pick from in the “Marketing Email name” section of the Campaign.


The campaign is set to send from
The From Name is “Steve”
The From Email is ""

The recipients receive the email from
Steve (

Can anyone confirm if this is a known bug or if we have configured this incorrectly.

We are using SuiteCRM v7.7.8

Emails are sent through Office 365 via SMTP
When the user composes an email from their crm inbox the from address is correct
Whichever outbound email account we select the from address is always the same (which is the default email set in Email Settings)

Any help would be great :slight_smile:

Check if “Allow users to use this account for outgoing email” for is unchecked in the email settings.

Thank you

Thanks for your help. Yes this box is unchecked in email settings.

Does anyone else have any further ideas?
Is this a bug and how should we report this?