Campaign Emails Don't Send after upgrade to 7.10.2

This looks like a confirmed bug:

but I’m wondering if it’s just a bug for a few of us, or it’s a real bug for all the installations out there.

From my point of view, this is a serious bug, as I cannot use the CRM to send out campaign emails anymore, but maybe this is just a problem on my installation.

Is there anyone else who can confirm this is a general issue and not a local problem on my system? Thanks a lot.

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DEbian, MySQL, PHP7.0
I have exactly the same problem on my SuiteCRM 7.10.2
Campaign emails stay in the queue and I also see those errors in the log.

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Do you get this error only when sending to “prospects” (which means: “targets”), or also if you attempt to send to Contacts or Leads?

Problem solved on Github.