Campaign email suppression list

I have a ‘Default’ target list of email addresses and a ‘Suppression List - By Email Address’ for a new campaign on Version 7.10.6 / Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

SuiteCRM completely ignored the Suppression list and sent emails to these people. Grrrrr. However, Opt-outs were correctly suppressed. .

Anyone had similar problems? Is Suppression broken in 7.10?

Thanks in advance for any help.


EDIT: anyone know if I should be using “Suppression List - By Email Address” or “Suppression List - By ID”?

Pardon my ignorance, but SuiteCRM is a BIG app and I still don’t know all of it.

What is this Suppression list, and where do you create it?

Extract: "…Prerequisites

Before completing these steps, you should already have an email or newsletter campaign created along with the necessary target lists. To exclude a recipient using the editing method, you need to create a default-type target list, populate it with recipients, and relate it to your campaign. The default list is the target list from which you must remove the unwanted recipient. To exclude a recipient using the suppression method, you must create two target lists and relate them to your campaign: a default-type target list that includes all of your desired recipients and a suppression-type target list to which you must add the unwanted recipient…"

Great, I learned something today, thanks.

I also stumbled upon the answer to your question in there:

So you should be using “by ID”. Please try it and see if suppression works.

Also, just to make sure we’re not missing something obvious, did you remember to relate the suppression target list to the Campaign?

@PGR, on a slightly related issue, how does SuiteCRM manage suppression lists for Leads that have been converted to Contacts?

  1. we have been primarily using Leads for our campaigns
  2. we have built up a very healthy ‘Suppression List by ID’ over the last 9 months or so
  3. campaigns successfully suppress Leads, by design
  4. now, we want to convert a large group of Leads to Contacts and send a campaign to the new Contacts… but how do we suppress those that are on the Lead suppression list?

So, I’m assuming the new converted contacts will have a new ID and so I need to build a new Suppression List by ID, i.e. the Contact ID, right? If so, any tips or ideas on how we should do that?

Also, I’m assuming that we should only use “Suppression List by ID”, as was determined earlier in this thread. Do you know if this is still valid?

Many tia.


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I don’t know the answer…

I think you need to test it. Add an email address you own to a Lead, put it into the suppression list, convert it to contact, and try a target list with just that address, and see if it sends.

I expect the suppressions are by email, not by record (Lead/Contact) so I think it will work.

Refer to

I added the code at line 946 in Emailman.php and a test campaign successfully suppressed email addresses (for both a newsletter and an email campaign).

I assume future releases will fix this missing code (as of June 3rd 2019, v7.11.4)

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We just tested this behavior in version 7.4.1.

Opt-out clicks by email recipient only gets saved in “by id” suppression list, not “by email”.
If we use a “suppression by email address” suppression list in a campaign and email recipient clicks on opt-out link, the contact/lead record of the email recipient is not placed on the “suppression by email address” list.

This however works when using “suppression by id” lists as we have done over the past years.

Problem is: only “suppression by email address” seems to ensure (at least for our suitecrm version) that the given email address definitely gets suppressed, even the respective contact/lead records are not identical between the default target list and suppression list.

There is a related fix in v7.11.10 and v7.10.20.

@john - EZS I recently added some Documentation about this, can you please check if it is correct? I don’t have any direct experience using this