Campaign Email Start timezone

If this question has been asked before, I apologize. I couldn’t find anything using search and it seems rather important.

Here is the problem I discovered. My server is in New York (EST). I am located in Los Angeles (PST) and both my user account and System Administrator accounts are set to Los Angeles. I scheduled a campaign email today for 9pm PST. It ran at 6pm PST apparently using the server time zone. Is this correct? I would think all scheduled times should be stored based on 0 GMT and the user sees the times adjusted in in his locale.

I currently have 7.3 installed.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Sorry folks, my error. Apparently I accidentally entered 9am instead of 9pm which is easy to do. The date field has a date picker. Why doesn’t the time field have a time-picker field? Perhaps a future enhancement?

For anybody who is curious, the campaign scheduler does indeed schedule according to GMT. So it doesn’t matter where the server is located, your local user time will be converted to a GMT time in the database…