Campaign e-mails not working properly

So I am having an issue with campaign e-mails in suiteCRM. Anytime I either attempt to send a test campaign e-mail or send a timed campaign e-mail it doesn’t work. After the time goes by where it should be sent I can see the e-mail in the queue and when I click to send it, nothing happens. I am not receiving any sort of error messages so I’m having trouble diagnosing the exact problem. I am also new to SuiteCRM and this forum.

On a side note I am having no issues with sending single e-mails. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi, welcome to the Forums.

Which version of SuiteCRM is it?

When you say you can send individual emails, are these user’s email accounts? Or can you also send from accounts defined in Admin / Outbound Email?

You can also have a look at your logs to see what’s going wrong.

Hi pgr,

I am using Version 7.10.6
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

The emails I am sending are from an outbound email that I have defined I have not created any e-mail accounts through SuiteCRM. I will check these logs and see what I can find.

I feel your concepts about SuiteCRM email need to be clarified a bit (which is normal, it is complex and sometimes not well named)

  • you create accounts in external servers (like Gmail or your company email)

  • you define these accounts in several different places in SuiteCRM

  • if you define them going into a User’s profile, they are personal accounts

  • If you define them going in Admin /Outbound Email they are System Accounts or Group Emails

EDIT: this link might help:

I appreciate the clarification. Still learning the ropes.

I have created a gmail account which I have defined as the admin/outbound e-mail, I’m sure it’s set up correctly as I can send a single e-mail but not campaign e-mails. I am not seeing anything in the logs which would indicate why I’m having an issue, just a few failed login attempts.

Campaign emails are not just sent when you save the campaign.

They are sent by a “background process” that is invoked periodically by the system.

This “background process” in SuiteCRM is called a “Scheduler”.

If you go to Admin->Scheduler you will see that there is one specically defined for campaign emails. And if you dig further you will notice that, by default, campaign emails are sent at night.

Additionally, the campaigns email module will try only one attempt to send an email. Then it will wait for 24 hours until the next attempt to send an email that has failed for some reason,

Last important thing: SuiteCRM schedulers are not magic. They are called by the operating system by special scripts called “jobs” or “cron jobs”.

So you have to let the system know that you want a cron job to be executed.

Depending on your operating system, the way in which these “cron jobs” are defined varies. You will find instructions on how to do it at the bottom of Admin->Schedulers.

I hope all this helps! :wink:

I will look into that and I appreciate your help. Shouldn’t I receive an e-mail when I attempt a test e-mail though?

In Campaigns the test emails are managed in a different way.

Not to be rude but that didn’t answer my question.

You are rude indeed. I am just a user like you trying to help you for nothing in exchange, as I have done hundreds of times.

If that does not answer your question it’s probably because it is not clear so, instead of just complaining by saying that it doesn’t answer your question, you should explain what you mean. At present, after your kind answer, I still have no clue of what you you mean.

My question was whether or not I should receive a test campaign e-mail when I click the button. I was not receiving one. I’m not sure in what different way test emails are managed because you didn’t explain it to me. It was a yes or no question.

Where do you click this button?
There are (from my knowledge) at least three places from where to send test emails.

If it is from a campaign, you should define a test target list and add it to the target lists of the campaign.

Test emails, generally do not need cron jobs.

So, you should receive something. However you should first configure things properly. (look at @pgr 's suggested reading, among other things)

With respect to emails, in general, there ahve been plenty of issues since version 9.X. Many have been solved, but not all so I recommend that you search both the Forum and gitHub either to find a patch or some information on known issues.

Last but not least:
you haven’t provided info on log errors (SuiteCRM log, apache/php errors log, as well as browser javascript console errors): they might provide very useful information.