Campaign date selection

What date do I select to have the emails go out immediately? No matter what time I select, the system overrides it to an earlier past hour and the emails never go out.

Please, someone help me. I desperately need to learn how this works. It’s the last thing for the most part.

Thank you very much in advance.


I figured it out.

Hi, I have a similar problem. Could you help me please to understand why the campaign date is changing by itself?
The only solution that I found for now is to patch the date by hand for each single email to send, or hope that soonest as possible the suitecrm team will add this new little feature:

What I would do is set up the campaign and then go to the Admin section and send Qued emails from there. Its not the right way but I am monitoring this discussion for more information.

Yes it works and it works well! But when the emaisl are some thousands, the risk is to get the river of the emails truncated from the smpt service ,not able to send N emails / hour or to get mroe emaisl into the spam folder, cause of too much many sent in a short time…

I have created a script to reset the queue from outside the crm.

You can do it for all emails in the queue or just for those related to a specific campaign.

To avoid smtp limitations you may do it only for 10, 25 or 50 emails only and you may modifiy the value to your needs from the variable in the url.

The script has inside also a form to change db, user, password and host (but this has been disabled and I am forcing to use the hardcoded credentials (you have to edit the script with those).

You may also use it to suspend the sending, and in such case the date time is reset to the current date time.

I know that this is not the best solution, but it may be useful.

The interface is not beautiful but, for me it is very useful.

Ok, this is easy to compile:

  $Database_name = 'suitecrm'; // enter the appropriate value
  $Host_name = 'localhost'; // enter the appropriate value
  $User = 'suitecrm_db_user_name'; // enter the appropriate value
  $Password = 'suitecrm_db_user_name'; // enter the appropriate value

I am not a developer so now I need to do some questions:

  1. Where I need to upload this file? In the root of suitecrm setup or where?
  2. To launch this script is enough to go to the url of the file, right? example suitecrm/reset_campaign_queue_a.php
  3. I ma very interested about reset the queue only for 10-20-50 emails for each click, could you please give me more detaield info about how to do that?

Anywhere in the same server where SuiteCRM is installed. Better if it’s not in the same folder, because the script is not password protected. To enhance security you may change the name of the script to make it impossible to be found. You may even set up a password with .htaccess and .htpasswd (but it requires technical knowledge)

If you change the name of the file or place it in a different folder you have to modify the way you invoke the script accordingly

The script presents you with a big table listing all your campaigns.

At the top you can reset for immediate sending irregardless of campaigns. Similarly you can suspend the sending. This can be done for all emails in the queue or just predefined numbers (10, 25 or 50).

If you want you can do it selectively by clicking on one of the links for one single campaign:

If you click 3 times reset 50 emails for a specific campaign you will reset 150 emails.

The suspend links suspends the emails for 24 hours from the moment you click.

If instead of the options All, 10, 25 or 50, you want to put a different number, you may do so by copying the link (instead of clicking it), then paste it to the browser address bar and modify the value after either block_n (which suspends) or reset_n (sets for immediate sending).

For a specific campaign (note the campaign_id variable at the end):

For a specific campaign (note there is no campaign_id variable at the end):

Yes, that’s all you have to do to set it up: just enter the appropriate values.

You may have noticed that there is a number inside brackets for each link. This number is the actual number of emails that is going to be reset. So, for example if you click on “reset 50 (32)” this means that there are only 32 emails in the queue for that specific campaign that may have to be reset.

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