Calls in Red if out of date

Hi All,

I recently upgraded from 7.old to 7.10.25. Everything’s fine except one minor issue.
I use the log calls to remind me to make calls. When I look at the customer details If I haven’t called them when I should, ie I forgot. Under the contacts “activities” the “due date” is in red. Excellent.
Since the upgrade they due date isn’t in red if it’s overdue. Any suggestion on how to make it go red after the due date?


Hi @JulianHarmer,

Don’t think that’s a thing anymore unfortunate however if you wanted to spend a wee bit of time i imaging you could use JS & CSS to turn the field red when the due date is past current date.

Let me know if you give it a go!

Hi Mac-Rae,

Thanks for that, unfortunately my JS/CSS skills are pretty well non existent. It’s a real pity they took that out.
Anyone out there want to give it a go?