Calls and Meetings imported are not showed in their Subpanels

Hi, I have a problem with the Account’s Module: I created 2 new relationship between Account, Call and Meeting modules called “accounts_calls_1” and “accounts_meetings_1”, both relationships are “one to many”, after I imported calls and meetings into Suite I have noticed that if I go inside an account in the subpanels of the relationship created the call/meeting doesn’t shows up but if I go into the Call/Meeting module I see the calll with the field “Releted to” compiled with the correct Account.

What could I do?

I have already check the table “accounts_calls_1” and “accounts_meetings_1” in the DB and there are all the records I have imported.


The SuiteCRM by default created a relationship between Accounts and Calls or Accounts and Meetings. Both relationships are one to many, please do not create a duplicate relationship between 2 modules.

Please take the backup of the CRM and remove the new-created relationship and do a quick repair.

Again, import the records and check the records in Calls and Meetings subpanel.

Thank you!

I created new relationships because the default relationships are in the same subpanel called “Activity” but I want different subpanels from both modules.
Is there anything i can do to fix this?

Hi ashish,
Is there any possibility to show all calls in calls subpanel in account module.

Yes, there is possible SQL query based subpanel.

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Hi Ashish,
Can you give me the idea how it is possible with sql query.