Call timer

Not being a coder, I have no idea how difficult this may be but I thought I’d make the ask anyway.

I’d love to be able to have a “call timer” or “task timer” available in a number of windows. This was available in a crm product that I used prior to moving over to Sugar and now planning for conversion to SuiteCRM.

Why do I want a time stamp?
I found that when making multiple follow-up calls I do a “Close & Duplicate”. So I want a record of dates and times of previous calls available in the description. While I could open another window to see the list of calls, I also want to see the comment that I’ve added into the description field at the specific time. I’m manually adding the date & time with the comments. It gets a bit tedious to always add the date+time into the description field.

For example.

I may have a call planned for 14:00 (2:00pm). I can set the planned call in the present dialog box. So I call at 2pm and the call goes for 5 min. (or I could plan for 15 min call and it actually goes 25 min.)

I’d like a button (or key command sequence) to put a time stamp into the text description box.

Click button and it puts “2013.10.24 - 14:00 :” into the box. Then when the call ends, click button and place 2013.10.24 - 14:05 into box. Of course the date and time format would need to match the users settings.

The old CRM I used would also calculate the duration. I don’t think that’s really necessary but would be nice to have too.

Depending on what you are using for you telephone system have you tried that ones for asterisk based platforms it’s description is: Core integration to track inbound/outbound Calls from Freepbx/Elastix/Trixbox in SugarCRM with no user interaction (only server to server).Identify the caller for inbound calls and display it in any SIP phone like X-lite.Upgrade safe module loaders.

or maybe for call scheduling

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Thanks for the links.

We don’t use Asterisk or SIP phones at the moment. These would be useful if and when we do.

My request was for something really much more basic. Manual button click on Task or Call UI (or key command) to put the present time into the description box.

Thanks again and regards!

Your Welcome. Just found out myself for the first link theirs a free and paid version free tracks inbound calls paid tracks inbound and outbound and it’s not cheap $700 as i have found out after telling you about it in the first place