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Call Sheet Generation

Hey SuiteCRm Community,

I am trying to find a way to utilize a PDF template to generate a Call List of contacts within a specified Recall Date time range. I have found out how to filter contacts by date range with their recall date in the set range, but now I would like to export the contacts Account Name, Contact name, Phone Number, and Recall date to a PDF that can be printed out.

I found a way to generate the fields I listed above, but only one record shows up on each page. Is there a way to get multiple different contact records to show up on a single page?

Thanks in advance

Only Quote line items are set to be printed in Multiples (All quote/invoice line items gets printed into PDF). For the issues that you have described, custom code needs to be added to the Generate PDF function. If you are a coder/developer, you can check the generatePDF file for details.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Is there another way you have seen people create call lists within SuiteCRM, maybe by using a different module? I’m not a developer so I would like to try and stay away from custom code if at all possible.

You can export the Calls record from List view as a CSV and then add them to your Report File or PDF.

This is very complex to put dynamic HTML on the PDF templates.
Fortunately we have developed this in past.