Call Reschedule Reminders


When I reschedule a call I only get an email reminder once I’ve edited and saved the actual call again, this is extra step I’d like to save he call centre operatives. Also even though I’ve enabled popups (browser and Suite) I get no popup reminder, an no notification in the bell.

I have tried to create a workflow, but I’d need to create it on the Call Reschedule module, which then doesn’t give me Calls module as an option in conditions, which I’d need to access to get the Reminder time from?

Has anyone managed to create a workflow that can accomplish this, or some other approach maybe?

Many Thanks


Would a logic hook solution be a possibility for you? Meaning: are you a developer?

In logic hooks it’s much easier to circumvent the Workflow limitations and jump from one module to a related module.

Another approach would be to look for the place in the code where the Call is saved, and compare it to what happens in a “Reschedule” operation. Then you could make sure the reschedule runs whatever it is that sets up the email reminders.

About the reminders in the balloon on the top menu, they depend on Scheduler Jobs. Check if your individual jobs are running successfully. And check if the timezone setting on your CLI PHP is correct.

Thanks PGR

I’m surprised code changes are needed for basic notification functionality, so I figured I was missing something.

I’ve done a fair bit of development so hooks are certainly an option for me. Both your suggestions are great starting points for me to get the desired functionality.

As for the alerts, my scheduler tasks are executing regularly, my system time zone has been set and phpinfo rreports …

date.timezone Europe/London Europe/London

So till not figured this one out.

What about turning on the setting, did you do that?

Yes did this, and added site to allowed list of notifications for Chrome and IE.

I’m not using meetings though, just call reminders, does it only work for meetings?

I just tried both Calls notifications and Meeting notifications on my 7.10.4 and both worked well.

They appear both as desktop notifications in my Windows taskbar, and on the “balloon” on the top menu of SuiteCRM.

How frustrating, I get the email reminder fine, just not popup and nothing in the bell…I’ll get keep investigating and report any findings back.



Don’t forget to check your logs for any signals of problems when creating the reminder, or when their scheduled times are reached.


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Using phpMyAdmin I can see that the reminders table is getting populated, but the alerts table is not.

I have seen an errors like below in suitecrm.log around the time of saving the call with a reminder …

process_order_by: (reminders_invitees.date_entered) does not have a vardef entry.
process_order_by: (alerts.date_entered) does not have a vardef entry.

The date_entered field in the reminders, and reminders_invitees tables are an hour behind, yet Linux system, php CLI, MySQL and Suite Time zones are all reporting the correct BST time. Email reminders arrive at the correct time.

I’m still digging through the log for more clues.



Go in Admin / Quick Repair and Rebuild, and scroll down to the bottom to see if it mentions you need to sync vardefs with database. If so, it will offer a button to do it, press it.

Database tables are synced with vardefs

After having a look at this link …

Using console in Chrome IE I notice that my alertList variable is empty after saving a call with a reminder, and secondsSinceLoad is always 0. Also my alerts table remains empty.

Does anyone know what can cause this?

Is your user date format yyyy/mm/dd?

You’re on to something, I ran some tests and

  • when my user’s date format is 12/23/2017 the alerts and reminders work

  • when my user’s date format is 23/12/2017 the alerts and reminders DON’T work - this would be my preferred format, BTW.

Sadly this has been fixed but not merged…

Please comment there requesting that it is merged. There’s too much stuff going on in github, it helps to know what people are actually waiting for :slight_smile: