Call Reminder PopUp - Reschedule

My sales people are chewing my face off about this one. They’re working in SUITECRM and a call reminder window will popup with only 2 options OK or Cancel. Is there any way to add/modify it so that the call reminder can be rescheduled or at least some kind of snooze button?

If they click ‘Ok’ it should take them to the detail view of the call. If the call is outbound then there should be a reschedule button (or option within the action menu if you have your system set up that way) at the top which will allow them to reschedule the call and give a reason why.

well that’s kind of the problem. If they’re smack in the middle of working on a client record, they have to deal with the popup instead of being able to save changes. Then they have to go back to the record and start over after rescheduling the call reminder…

Unfortunately it is not a standard feature. It may be something we (SalesAgility) can customise for you if it is a pain!

Well I found this thread interesting regarding this exact issue. Interesting to see Sales Agility’s take on it way back in 2009.