Call Plugin

Are there any solid, practical Call plugins to call from SuiteCRM?

We’re looking at implementing a new voip server from RingCentral but it doesn’t show compatibility with SuiteCRM. I would love for my team to be able to click to call straight from the system and it be logged. As every business owner though, we’re looking at not only convenience, but cost and quality of the entire system.

Any recommendations?

The add-ons are easy to search on the SuiteCRM Store, you’ll find a few for several VoIP systems.

The only thing that you can do with SuiteCRM out-of-the-box is click to call, because it’s actually your OS and your SIP Client (softphone) that handle that. But that’s just starting the call, not logging it. A comprehensive system requires an add-on.

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Please consider RT Telephony | SuiteCRM Module. It provides the features you are looking for and more. You can make calls, log them, and even have the audio recorded and stored if you want to listen back. You can also send and receive SMS, and set up SMS marketing campaigns for targeted marketing.