Call Center Use Case for SuiteCRM / Consultants/Advisors

Hi All,

I’m new to SuiteCRM after migrating over from and I have to say it’s very impressive. I have a special use case I’m considering for SuiteCRM, but I don’t know enough about the full capabilities to determine if this would be in/out of SuiteCRM’s wheelhouse.

I work in a BPO call center/telephone answering service and we’re upgrading our old call center software. Right now, we have around 500 accounts, and we’re considering using SuiteCRM as the backend for the data collection side of things. We’re considering using Twilio Flex (which is your communications front end - calls/call routing/chat/sms/etc) with SuiteCRM. I’m not looking for a perfect solution, but it looks like SuiteCRM can handle a fair amount of this out of the box.

Here are the things we’re looking for the backend of our system/SuiteCRM to do:

  • Segregate the 500 businesses we answer for so that each one would have it’s own secure set of records.
  • API integration - most of the tools we’ll use like Twilio / Dialogflow / etc all operate w/ APIs
  • Provide a script / form interface for agents to use for data entry.
  • Build out a business description / info area for FAQs on each business.
  • Create scheduled & auto actions - like once a contact / message has been created, it would be automatically texted or emailed
  • Have a customer portal where each business could log in and maintain their accounts and doing things like updating on call lists, viewing/delivering messages/etc
  • Create/Run custom reports

That’s the basics of what we’re hoping to do. The biggest thing seems to be segregating the 500 different businesses and in essence having each business act as its own ‘mini-crm’.

This will be a big project for our company, so make sure we have a good road map laid out in front of us before we get started is important. If you or anyone you know would care to act as an advisor/consultant on this project with us, I’d love to chat more about all these items.

Thanks for any help!


Welcome to the community!

I think it’s possible. SuiteCRM supports roles and has an API. You can see the documentation at the beginning. I can recommend not to use Studio to set up the system, but to create an installation package manually.