Calendar Task Start Dates


I have been asked by a client to change the task display block in the calendar to be based on the actual task start date not due date. They are using the majority of the tasks to show staff work loads during the day and the tasks do not carry on over to the next day.

Is this possible if so any pointers in the right direction will be appreciated



I figured if you change one parameter in file modules/Calendar/CalendarUtils.php in function get_time_data

if($bean->object_name == ‘Task’)
$start_field = $end_field = “date_start”;

It will change the view to display date start instead of date_due

I am uncertain about any consequences but worth giving a try.


Thank you, sorry for the late reply I had been off on holidays.

Is there a way to change the size of the box based on the time due? Currently it defaults to 2 hours.

I have looked but coming up short.

Thanks again

Hi @chrisconnor1979, have you been able to find a solution for that?

I’m looking for the same answer.

Hi all,

Wow, 2 years and no answer! I would like to have the calendar tasks working properly as well, where “properly” means:
a) Being able to define the task duration and not having to just put up with a pile over overlapping 2-hour tasks because that’s all the software can support.
b) Having the calendar show the correct start date and end date, as per the task creation page, as per the discussion in Duration of Tasks doesn't appear correct in Calendar


Dear Tim,
i’m sorry for your disappointment.
Is there any chance for you to use the Meetings module instead of Tasks (maybe changing the module name)?
The start date in Tasks module is just for reference, not to determine the visualization of its records on Calendar.
At the opposite Meetings is there for that and much more.

Hi LionSolution,

Thanks for your speedy reply! I think you’re correct: If I can’t sort out the default Task behaviour, then we can probably substitute Meetings for Tasks. My only concern is probably due to my lack of understanding:

  • I think that an Opportunity is like a long term goal, and that the idea is to complete various Activities in order to meet the Opportunity goal.
  • Assuming that’s correct (and please let me know if it’s not :-)) then I create Activities which are things like “Prepare meeting material”, “Review draft doc”, “Send meeting minutes”, etc.
  • Alas, every time I do this, I end up with a 2-hour task that starts on the end date :slight_smile:

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood how to create workflows and use tasks. All clue most welcome! :smiley:


You are correct.

But if you want to manage time duration: how much time your users are busy, for activities like
Review draft doc
you can create a Meeting named
Review draft doc
and have reminders and alerts even with the Workflows module.

To add in the Meetings module a custom drop down field “Type” is also useful.

If you have to manage something like
Hosting expiring
use Tasks.

Hi LionSolution,

Thanks again for your reply.

I’ll go and RTFM about adding custom drop-down fields to Meetings and see how I go.

In the mean time, can I ask you more about what you meant by this:

“The start date in Tasks module is just for reference, not to determine the visualization of its records on Calendar.”

I don’t understand the semantics. Let’s say that a task has an end date of 10am June 1.
a) What is the logic behind having the Task appear in the Calendar with a start date of 10am June 1?
b) How can I change the Task duration.
I’m just trying to bend my mind to understand how I should use Tasks (if at all) in SuiteCRM.

Thanks again,

Hi, you’re right: it could be difficult to enter into this logic;

Don’t think about Tasks as anything with a duration, but as something to be reminded.