Calendar sync

any word on a calendar sync for outlook and suiteCRM calendar module? Even if its just outlook pulling down calendar entries. Does this exist?


Hi Chris,

I will find out and let you know if this is planned.



Hi Will,

Also if you could let us know if a Google calendar sync is in the pipeline. I know there are paid plugins available.



We have a plug-in (earlier version of some paid plug-in now) that enables google calendar and SuiteCRM sync. It has limited functionality but works. It can only sync Calls or Meetings (one way or two way) and sync in Suite is done manually pressing a “Sync button”.

We are currently trying to enhance the module, to provide automatic sync in sugar.

Let me know if you are interested, i can send you the module.

Octavio Sosa

I would like to get more info about the calendar functionality – both present and planned, and modular too!

Running 7.1.3 presently, FYI


Yes, please send me the module.

Please do provide an email and i would gladly send you the module. :slight_smile:


Thank you Octavio! I just sent my email directly to your website’s info email.

: DJ

Oh!, right!

Just read it… heheh

Email sent with the module!

Have a nice weekend!


Positiveit can u send me this module? I send email to your website with contact form.


Hi, the module stopped working for some months now. I think google made some changes and since then the synchronisation stopped working.
There’s maybe a workaround using Zappier.

Have a nice day.

Please send me that module. I am also struggling with the same issue.