Calendar Question

Just installed Version 7.1.4, Sugar Version 6.5.18 (Build 1110). Admittedly a completely CRM novice, but not a novice to installing, configuring, and using server-based software. Having some issues and trying to identify if this is a user education error, installation issue, or other.

A primary ready I was looking forward to using this was to provide a shared calendar. The calendar seems to be about 80% operational. Can someone take a look at this and tell me if these are common bugs or if it is unique to my installation (and, if unique to me, any suggestions for correcting):

-Whenever I change to Week or Day view, the body of the calendar is empty. If I maximize (or un-maximize) it corrects that. Click Week or Day and it disappears again.
-My calls and meetings display only in Month view. In Day and Week view, even when the body is displaying, it is completely empty.
-When looking at them on the calendar, you can’t open calls and meetings by clicking on them. (That may be as intended but seems pretty weak if so.)
-I don’t seem to be able to “share” calendars. Again, I am assuming that is possible but I see nothing but my own calls and meetings. I click the “Shared” button, and have added all employees to my User List (as they have done for me) but none of us see each others calendars.

Installation went 100% smooth, passing the installation tests with flying colors. I saw another post about permissions but since that only mentions v7.1.1 I wasn’t thinking that applied here?

Thanks. I would be happy to post screen shots if that might be helpful.


Hi there,

It sounds like this could be permissions related. What is your environment?

Also, screen shots would be very helpful.