Calendar Printing Problem

I am a new user of SuiteCRM and I am having a problem printing a calendar: daily, weekly, or monthly.

I installed the Bitnami SuiteCRM application on a laptop using Linux Mint 17.1 as a test system (dual boot Win 7 Pro and Linux Mint 17.1).

I create some calendar entries and then I try to print the calendar using the “print” icon at the bottom right of the calendar window. I get the print dialog box and click print. The printed page is a mixture of the calendar and various script lines that seem to be related to the “previous week, next week” arrows ( or the “previous day, next day”). The script text seems to be php related.

I also tried printing the calendar from the demo site using the “will” sign-on. The same printing problem exists using the demo site. I used the Firefox browser to connect to the demo site using two different Win 7 Pro and Win XP desktop systems. A pdf from the demo site is attached.

On the Linux Mint laptop, I do not know if the Bitnami installation has all of the recommended pre-requisites. Could this be part of the the problem on the laptop server?

On the desktop systems connecting to the demo site, are there any pre-requisites that need to be installed on my system(s)? Are there any browser settings that I need to change?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


As far as i’m aware, Printing the Calender to a PDF isn’t something that’s part of standard functionality
I also received a similar output to what you obtained via the “Print” button on the bottom of the screen. However, since it is just printing what is on the page, (Including href redirect links), so your setup should be fine.

You could try coding this functionality yourself. If you do, make sure to make any customizations in the /custom/ folder, so they will be upgrade safe.

Otherwise, i believe there is a SugarOutfittes addon that allows printing to PDF on most modules, including Calender.

You can try a demo of it, or purchase it, here: