calendar isnt loading

I’ve just upgraded SugarCRM to SugarCRM and I got the “calenad isn’t loading” error (screenshot 1) that occured many times in this forum.
Like many I tried all suggestions provided like

  • setting chmod permissions correctly many times over.
  • I did quick repair and all JS repair functions over and over again.
  • I reinstalled the CRM on multiple instances with different versions. Right now I’m using 7.6.6, because on 7.8.2 I get the same error (screenshot 2) and the search options box simply doesn’t appear in contacts (screenshot 3)
    Firebox output provided, system log is empty.

I’ve tried the same thing now on 7.8.3. Still the same Issue.
anyone? :frowning:

i have the same issue, anybody>?>>>??