Calendar - How to add Year View /Enable the Year View Option

In the calendar display page there is day/week/month with drag and resize for activities. I need the year view in the calendar display page with drag and resize … please help me with this with solution

Are you a developer? This might help you play with fullCalendar options and see what is possible

im new to suitecrm.I was trying this more than a week someone give me hint or idea where i need to start …

someone help me with these task

It is not possible unless you are a developer and are willing to try hacking the code, or if you can pay a developer to do it. Even then I am not sure if it is possible, it will depend on the fullCalendar package which is a 3rd-party library we use for our Calendar. If they have that feature, you might be able to turn it on. If not, it’s better to forget it.

Note that we have 2-way sync with Google Calendar, you might be better off working from there, it’s a better UI.

Since you have created another thread (which is now closed) I will update here.

Just further Pedro’s suggestion looking at the JS library SuiteCRM there isn’t an official support for Yearly View but people have made plugin’s to provide this functionality. So, yes, you need to customise the Calendar code in SuiteCRM to create a new view + a new plugin to utilise FullCalendar.js