Calendar - Full View - Change Subjet on Main View

Hello guys…

I have a little problem.

When i go to CALENDAR the text i see in every event is the Subject.

I create a DROPDOWN MENU and i need to read in the COMPLETE VIEW the field on the DROPMENU not the Subject field.


Help Please!! Thanksssss

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Can you further clarify your issue? I don’t see what your issue is.


I want to see in the CALENDAR (in the Global View) not the DATA y add in SUBJECT when i create a new Task or Meeting. I want to show ANOTHER field in the GLOBAL VIEW, not the SUBJECT.


When i create an EVENT or TASK in the calendar ONE of the fields to complete in the “form” when i create something is Subject. That subject is the same TEXT i see when i open the calendar module in the MAIN VIEW.

I dont want to see the SUBJECT on the MAIN VIEW i want to see ANOTHER FIELD i create in the FORM when i create something (task, or event) on the calendar.

I create a Drop Menue with a few options…

I want to know how to change that when i select one of this options REPLACE the SUBJECT FIELD in the MAIN VIEW of the CALENDAR.

I attach IMAGES IN ORDER to understand.

I really need help!!! Thanksss

Guys, are you there? I need help pleaseee

1 month without replys… this is very saaaad…

Have you looked at the Calendar module code to see where the subject is being added to the entries displayed on the Calendar?

You would then be able to look at how to change this to another field.

We can assist with bugs/issues but we do not have resource to help you develop custom functionality at this time.



Did you find out which line of code you need to change to change the order or add your field in as I need to do similar, as well as a subject we have the Visit Objectives and I want to change the order so that the visit objective is the default option instead of the subject.