Calendar Drag/Drop Disable config not working

Just saw the calendar config so wanted to check out if they are effective, copied them to config_override.php and have setup

$sugar_config[‘calendar’][‘items_draggable’] = false;
$sugar_config[‘calendar’][‘items_resizable’] = false;

Ran R/R and went to Calendar, still the meeting is draggable and resizable. Anyone tried those before?

I never tried playing with that, no…

As a test, you can try setting it directly here:

If it works, then we can think about how to get the value from the config to reach that point correctly…

Not from those Options but another param at the top which disables the Dragging/Resizing.

global_edit = false;

Ok, then I guess it’s a matter of making that also a configurable variable like the other ones, instead of a hard-coded value.

Just curious, what are you trying to achieve with this? You don’t want your users to change the calendar by moving things around?

Yes, once the meetings are created, i don’t want them to drag/resize the meetings.
Would be good if we can setup this option per User basis as there might be scenarios where this feature would be very fruitful for the Admins, but not for Regular Users.

Isn’t this integrated with Security Groups? I guess it isn’t, but for me the logic should be…

  • if user is allowed to edit meetings, then he should be allowed to drag and resize
  • if security groups block him from editing, then he shouldn’t be allowed

So I would actually make that fullcalendar option dependent on the typical Security Groups check.

This PR I just made is an example of how to add new settings to the Calendar, it’s a good basis in case anyone wants to work on this