Calendar and meetings

I would like to understand how to invite fellow employees to a meeting that I have created.
From the meeting list I click on the name of the meeting.
Below the meeting header there is a list of users invited to the meeting (just me, as the creator of the meeting).
There is a button to remove the user, but I don’t see a button or icon to ADD more users to the meeting.
If I click EDIT, the list of users is gone.
There is a function to search for invitees by first name, last name or email, but the search fails to find the employees/users.
There are buttons to “invite as” contacts or leads, but not users.

What am I doing wrong?

Another calendar related issue:
What is the best way to make an employee’s scheduled vacation visible on the calendar.
The first thing that comes to mind is to create a meeting which lasts from 12:00 AM on the first day to 11:45PM on the last day, and invite all employees/users so that they see this meeting in their calendar.
(Am I right to assume that only people invited to a meeting see the meeting in their calendar?)

It does not look like the user guide answers any of this.

check this guide

meetings module has almost no changes from SugarCRM, you can follow that guide

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I see in the SugarCRM guide that you are pointing to, that undr “Invite attendees”, there is supposed to be a button labeled “As User”. In my stem, there is no such button displayed, only “As Contact” and “As Lead”.
What could cause the “As User” button to not be displayed?

in the guide that I posted there’s no frase “as user”, please read again. Those As Contact and As Lead ar for creating those on the fly, right there if there are not created yet, a regular user can’t and will never be able to create an user, keep that in mind.

You have three boxes that you can search for your invites, you’ll need to fill any of them and click on search, after that you’ll have a result, in the result there will be a Add button to add the invitee.

Once again, read the guide that I posted for you, is all there.

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Okay, in that case I will adjust my diagnosis and say that the search function does not find users, and thus I cannot add any users as attendees.
On a second look, the search button is completely inactive, except that it turns read when the mouse pointer is within its outline.

do you have contacts, leads, users in your system?

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Yes, I have about 1200 contacts loaded.
6 users.
No leads.

You can add your Fellow employees(Users in the system), Contact or Lead by just searching them by their name in the Add invitees section at the bottom of the page. After Clicking Search, it will display a list of all contacts, leads, or users matching with the entered name, which can then be added as invitees. :slight_smile:

I have the problem that the results of the search Is showing only contacts…no users or leads…and all of a sudden! Is that a PHP version related problem? Mine Is 7.2 and the logs are not showing clues…help please!!!