Calculated field (sum of values on multiple fields)

Hi there,

I would like to know how can I add a field that shows the sum of other fields value. Those fields are all in the same module.

For example in opportunity we have 3 fields with different values and I want a 4th field that is the Sum of the others. Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.

you can use the workflow action “calculate fields” for that purpose. All available operations are listed here:

What you’re look for is something like {add(parameter1; parameter2)} (e.g. {add(3.12; 4.83)} would return 7.95 → and instead of static values, you would add your {P*} parameters).

If workflows are not the desired option, you could implement the same feature as a hook (a hook would require some coding though):


thank you for your quick reply.
I tried using the calculated field but for some reasons the formula is not working. The fields that I want to sum they don’t have a fixed number but a dropdown. So the idea is if I have for example:

M = 2
E = 3
Field total = 5

Here a screenshot

easy fix: instead of {add(P0;P1)}, use {add({P0};{P1})} :slight_smile:


I did this but still is not returning anything. Could the issue be that the field that I created to receive SUM, is a decimal field?

It worked but it seems to be calculating only 2 fields even if I put 6 parameters in the formula:

Could that be the case?

yep, those functions expect (afaik) the exact amount of parameters as shown in the docs. Buuuut: you can nest them :slight_smile:


works with more nestings too. If you need to do more complex calculations, or in case you need to add tons of values, I would recommend using hooks instead.

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Thank you so much! That solved it!