Calculate filed with fields in two different modules

Hello everyone, I ask you for help for this need.

In the contracts module I have created custom fields called “Total”, “Advance Payment” and “Balance”.

Since the customer can split the payment however he likes, I have created a custom module form for payments.

I need to sum the customer’s payments and subtract it from the balance field.

I tried via Workflow module without success, maybe someone can drive me in a snippet of php?

Many thanks,

Could you please post here how you’ve created the workflow? Reading your post, it should work.

HI @mtierno, thanks for asking,
I didn’t made the workflow because I think it is impossible to implement between two different modules, or am I wrong?
Anyway I attached a screenshoot of my need.

I need to sum a filed of multiple records in a custom module and then subtract the summation from the total field in contracts module.

Oh, I see. Indeed, it’s possible to do calculations with fields from related modules, use fórmula and get related field as related modules parameters.

In your case, however, you are gonna need to code a logic Hook.

In /custom/modules/youmodule you need to change or create the logic_hooks.php file and insert an before_save Hook, say, sum_fields.php.

Then you need to create the sum_fields.php file and implement.

Try to check logic hooks in documentation.

If you need, I can post a sample here later today.

Hi @mtierno, thanks for the tips.

I’m gonna read documentation right now.

I really appreciate if you can share with me a sample when you can.

Thanks a lot.

In the module you want to calculate the field, go to /custom/modules/your_module and add the lines below to the logic_hooks.php file. If it doesn’t exist, create it (attention to file permissions!):

$hook_array['after_save'][] = Array(1, 'sumFields', 'custom/modules/your_module/yoursumfiledfile.php','addTotal', 'sumFields');

Then, in the same directory, create the file yoursumfiledfile.php as below:

if(!defined('sugarEntry') || !sugarEntry) die('Not A Valid Entry Point');

class addTotal {

   function sumFields(&$focus, $event, $arguments) {

   $the_sum = 0;
      $items = $focus->get_linked_beans(
                1000, // the nuber of records to retrieve

      for($x = 0; $x < count($items); $x++) {
          $the_sum += $items[$x]->the_related_field_to_sum ;
      } ; 

    $focus->the_field_ to_store_the_sum;


Hope it works. You may have to fight a little bit. The relationship in this case is 1 to many.