Cache files missing. Please help

After our server became corrupt we were unable to back-up files via ftp or ssh, however we managed to back the files via the internal Suitecrm backup. After doing this and moving to a new server some pages in the CRM do not load. Most errors appear to be due to missing files in the cache folder such as:

File does not exist on system: cache/themes/SuiteR/modules/AOS_Contracts/DetailView.tpl

How can i resolve this?

have you done quick repair yet?

Yes still no joy.

how about the rights to this cache folder are they setup correctly?

Yep owner and file permissions all good

Only part of the cache folder is really necessary.

I suggest you to follow this strategy:

  1. take a full back-up of the DB from the original server
  2. take a full back-up of the files from the original server
  3. Keep the above unmodified
  4. Proceed with a fresh install in a new server of the same version of SuiteCRM you were running in the original server
  5. After this fresh install delete its database and load the old back-up
  6. Find out which folders are necessary from the cache folder and copy them to the new install
  7. Find out which other folders are necessary from the rest of the package and copy them to the new install (eg: upload and custom)
    (for 6. and 7. you need to do some research. In any case, since you would be working on a new environment you can do some tests without risking to lose anything)
  8. Set the necessary crontab entries
  9. Reset all file permissions and ownership properly
  10. update config.php (site_url, host_name, database host and credentials)
  11. Log into SuiteCRM as Admin and Run Quick repair and Rebuild accepting requested operations you may be prompted (in such case do another Quick Repair and Rebuild)
    12, Test thoroughly to see if all is fine