By editing existing entries getting always "Database failure.[...]"

Hallo Admin,
since a couple of days, we can’t edit existing entries, like contacts. We get always the message “Database failure. Please refer to sugarcrm.log for details.” and we can’t continue. We are using the latest version of suiteCRM. Could it be in context with the latest upadte? Do you have an idea to fix the problem?

Thnks so much,

Hi Stefan,

Please initially try a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair. If this fails to resolve the issue, please check the sugarcrm.log for any Fatal errors.



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Hi Guys,

I’ve just had the same error. Looking at the log and debugging the SQL statement helped to solve the problem:
The query had account_type=,industry=NULL, in it; which caused the problem. account_type is a required field but not on the layout, with default value set to blank in Studio.
After unchecking “Required” in Studio it worked again w/o db error.

Still this should be considered as a bug, as creation of new accounts works but modification causes a db error.

Hope that helps.