buttons in email add documents does nothing


When I write an email from email suitecrm module and I try to attach a document using the “Add Document” button, I can do it from the window pop up, but if I try to search a document from that window , “Document Search” window, nothing happens when I click on the “search” button.

Same thing happens when I click on “clear” button, nothing happens.

Permissions are ok, I did a “Quick and Repair” and the problem persists

No errors are present on suitecrm.log in info mode

When I use the debugger browser I can see the following error:

My version is Version 7.4.3 runing on linux Debian 8 + nginx + php5.6

Any idea about this problem?

thanks in advance

it’s a know issue, i think your version is something like 7.4.1 …
In other version, this is resolved.


I have another instance runing suitecrm Versión 7.6.3 and the problem still persist in this versión so if it is a known issue this is not solved in new versions above 7.4

Any idea about this problem?

something similar happens with invitee button and is related with regex expression


Please help!