Bulk Removing contacts from Target iist

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is there a way to remove multiple entries from target lists rather than one by one on the target-list page?

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I can’t think of anything from the CRM-end that would do this OOTB, i’m afraid.

You may be able to write some custom functionality for it.

Or, perhaps, if you have DB access, you could write a SQL script to set deleted=‘1’ on the relevant records in the “prospect_lists_prospects” table.
(Although it would be worth making a backup before doing so, just to be safe)

This would be a very handy feature. Managing membership of target lists is a real PITA

I use SuiteCRM for proper CRM stuff. For emailing I use Mautic. It is also free and open source and syncs perfectly with SuiteCRM. The best part about it is that Target Lists are dynamic. You don’t add contacts to target lists in Mautic (well you can but that’s inefficient). You DEFINE a target list. IE contacts in New York State in the ABC industry. The target list changes based on the definition and you never have to maintain it.

Isn’t that similar to using Reports for target lists in SuiteCRM?

The Report allows for multiple conditions. Then you run the report and add to a target list, easy.

Good idea! The difference in Mautic though is target lists are updated dynamically via cron job. If any of the factors for a contact change they automatically either get added or removed from the target list based on the criteria you set. This is great because if you have a set series of emails to go out to a target list, contacts removed, no longer get the series of emails and contacts added start getting the series of emails. This is super useful for new leads and setting up drip campaigns.

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