Bulk Import of Documents to Specific Accounts

Hi Everyone

I did some research and I know this came up a few years ago but could not find anything recently so thought I would ask again.

Does anyone have a simple solution for bulk uploading documents and linking them to the relevant accounts?




Documents module doesn’t even have an Import function, I believe this is because of the extra complexity of Documents being made from a group of Revisions.

Maybe you can read this and figure out if you’re better off using Notes with Attachments (basically, if you don’t need to store multiple revisions):


If not, the only way to do it would be with an Import script. It would have to create the Document record, then the revision record, then copy the file to uploads directory, then assign the correct Account.

It’s not complicated, it’s a relatively easy script, but it does require a PHP developer…

Hi pgr

Thanks I manager to it through filepaths leading to the server.


Please have a look at this Product.


Documents uploading can be messy as currently there are limited options for uploading them in bulk.
i found a useful plugin that help in uploading bulk documents


seems quite legit when tried.


Could you please share how you manged to import your documents