Bulk change

Hi All,

I need to change some values in the field Source type both in Leads and Opportunities because there in no inheritance after filed editing.
Some values should be added as new ones, some should be deleted as outdated but those outdated values should be changed to new ones.
But I have more than 500 items for change.
I see option to change it manually but it’s not the best one.

Could someone tell me if there is another one way, something like bulk change?

Best regards,

Yes, it’s called “Mass update”, you’ll find it in the List view of every module. Select a few records (or many) and then in the Actions Dropdown you’ll find “Mass update”.

You can go add more fields to mass update.

Finally, if you really need to, you can go into your database with MySQL or phpMyAdmin and run SQL update queries there. Infinite power.