Bulk Action Mass Update doesn't do anything

Version 7.14.1, PHP 8.1.

Contacts module - trying to update the User (assigned to) field:

From the Contact List screen: Select all entries, then select Bulk Action → Mass Update. Nothing happens.

There are no errors in the Javascript console. There are no errors in the suitecrm.log file or the PHP error log.

Why doesn’t it do anything? How do I begin to debug this?

I think we had this issue with a user. You need to give them role access.

Go to admin → User Management → view particular user → ROLES → CREATE

If you don’t have roles, I think you could create roles under role management.

You need to set everything. So, a user could add, edit, delete fields.

A very basic question… when you click “Mass update” and you say “nothing happens”, did you scroll down to see the new panel that opens up there?

Ok - thanks.

I was able to create a role, but I wasn’t able to add any users. You have to search for the users and it just shows empty rows at the bottom.

@pgr - no, I hadn’t. But I just checked and indeed, the panel is there!

I kind of feel silly but at the same time, this is less than obvious since there is zero indication that anything happened.

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Do Quick Repair and Reload from admin dashboard.

Go to user management and view a user. In subpanel, you will see ROLES option.