Bulk Action - Email Option Disappeared

How can a get the option to reappear? I was testing the feature. It was working for my contacts. I sent an e-mail. Then, the option disappeared for the bulk action list.

I am using 8.1.2 on unbuntu 20.04 and php-fpm 7.4

Please help as this is a great feature to send email to contacts


You’re probably in a different place. Try accessing the feature from different modules, and different views. Also, make sure you select a row before looking for the option in the menu.

It worked perfectl initially. I did not have email setting before installing. I was able to get the server test e-mail recieved. I remember have two entries for system. One was incorrect i deleted the incorrect one. I have problem since then. I can send a test mail ok.
Bulk Action will not show a email option. It worked one time. I have a duplicate server in which setup e-mail after installation. I get no bulk action using e-mail. Manually selcting email addresses works. It has been a long road getting to this point.

Thanks for Any Help


You’re talking about your evolution with email configuration. But the action menus are not sensitive to that, if I’m not mistaken. The option is always there, then it either works or does not work, according to your email configuration.

So I don’t think it was your configs that made it disappear. I believe that you saw it in one place, and missed it in another, similar place in the UI.

There are differences:

  • between legacy modules and new v8 modules
  • between list views and subpanels
  • etc

I might be wrong, of course.