Bulk action button missing in list view -Suite CRM

I am facing an issue in the list page. In account list page mass update option is missing.

Please check the images, In the accounts list, ‘Delete box’ is there. but when i select records and supposed to do mass update, Only delete button is appearing and the ‘drop down arrow’ is missing so that i am not able to select other options.
Is there any option available to enable it in the studio. I am using using Suite CRM Version 7.5.3, Sugar Version 6.5.23
Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Are you an admin user?

This seems like a role permission to not allow

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Thanks for the replay.
But the permission is as follows:
Access - Enabled, Delete - Owner, Edit - Owner, Export - All, Import - All, List - All, Mass update - All, Views - All
Those permission i have given for ‘Accounts’. Should i change anything.