Building custom reports

I started looking at the available report and dashboard files made available with SuiteCRM Analytics. I feel I found what I’m looking for.

I browsed the tutorial to see how I could build my own report. What I understand is a report is built using a series of filters applied on various parameters. Playing with filters on existing reports is quite ok, but how would I proceed to build a custom one?

My guess is that some variations are made available on SuiteCRM Store, but again with the same “closed” logic, you take it for what it is, and play with it.

So, is the answer to my question “You need to sit down and code one”? I didn’t see any report wizard to guide in building a report/dashboard.

That’ll probably be all for today :yawning_face:

Hi Guy,

Our tutorials are pretty lacking at the moment. Im hoping to write up something a little more in depth in the coming month. At the moment we worked on building up the framework.

In answer to your question though, there is a wizard and also out solution comes with report templates that hope to speed up the report building process. We will provide more details as soon as possible

Hi @ivyis,

do you confirm that for now the GUI only allows to use already existing reports and play with the filters, that there are no way to build new reports?

Again thanks for your responsiveness

Hi Guy.

The web UI only allows for the creation of dashboards. You can create new dashboards by clicking File > New > CDE Dashboard. These dashboards benefit from HTML, JS and CSS skills.

Reports can be created using a client Report Designer tool that should be installed on your workstation. You can download the report designer from the Downloads section of the SuiteCRM Analytics website.

I will be writing tutorials on creating reports and dashboards in the new year. Until then, you can reverse engineer the samples included with the solution.

I hope that helps.


Hmm … I probably missed something, I don’t see a "File / New " menu. The File menu only offers “Open” and access to recently opened files and starred files (apart from Save or Save as …).


Thanks again for your time

You will need to log in with admin / content creator privileges

Thank you for this! You are right though that documentation is a bit lacking right now. Having trouble figuring out how to use this wonderful tool.