[BUG] When sending an email CAMPAIGN with model


Just to tell you that when I send an emailing campain using a model I have this :

Je me permets de vous contacter concernant votre EMS $account_name et de son site internet $account_website

But If I send manually to one mail using the same model (not campaign mailing), it work!

Thanks by advance.

Hi there,

Do you have any accounts which are targets within the campaign? If not, the variables will not be populated, although they should be showing as blank instead of the variable name. Do you have contacts/leads within the target list for the campaign? Can you use the contact/lead variables to test if these work?



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Hi Will,

You are right, using contact var instead of account vars work for campaigns.

Strange it work with manual email to contact but not for campaign. In any case thank you :slight_smile: