Bug Release - Only allows you to create release name, no details for release

I wanted to use the Bug Release option in the Admin panel to keep track of the fixes/enhancements in each release of my application. I can only create a release record name. When I click on the release name in the listview it just takes me back into the options to create/save a release name. How are you supposed to be able to add details to a release?


SuiteCRM 7.10.7
PHP 7.2
SQL Server 2014
Windows Server 2012 R2

You can try this

Add a blank file called studio.php in


(create that directory if necessary)

Now the module should appear in Studio, try making the changes there.

I am not sure how well this will work, because I don’t know the reason for excluding that module from Studio… make some tests in a dev environment to see how it goes.

Hmm…I’m not sure if we’re on the same page. The release module is there in the admin panel. I can add release records that do appear in the listview. The problem is that there is no way to add release details to the release records. I’m not sure what good this feature is if you can’t actually list the details of a release but only the release version and date. My screenshot shows the edit view of my RoofDini Release 2 record I created. There are only options for the release version, status and order.

I read the documentation online and it looks the same but refers to “The list of versions is displayed in the drop-down list when describing a new bug.” Where does this appear in the application

I did try your fix and placed a studio.php file in that directory. I tried the main modules and also custom modules, but there is no difference.

Thank you.

So it seems the Releases module appears in Studio, you can add fields, but it doesn’t show the views so you can add the new field to the edit view and list view. Maybe there is something else that can be tweaked to make that work, but I don’t know.

I guess the easiest thing is just to override the layoutdefs of those views in custom, to add the fields you want from PHP?