BUG - Quick email create opening 3 popup windows

We upgraded from 7.10.7 to 7.10.9 and we noticed that when trying to Compose an email from the Activities panel under Accounts, there is a strange behavior:
1. Three windows will pop up
2. The third window will overlap the other two.
3. The third window will repeat the client’s email three times on To field
4. If you decide to click outside the third window to close it, you’ll see the second window open.
5. On the second window you’ll see the client’s email two times on the To field and the Body field is not visible
6. If you decide to close the second window, you’ll see the first window
7. The first window will have the client’s email only one time but the Body field is not visible

I was able to replicate the error on the demo.suiteondemand.com

  1. To replicate go to accounts.
  2. Select any account
  3. Go to Activities panel
  4. Click in composeEmail

My work around is to use the third screen and clean the To field and enter the client’s address. Once the email is sent, I close the other two windows.

BTW: The demo site crashed when I did the test.



Hi, sorry about that.

It is a known issue, has been reported here:


and a similar one here


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Thank you! I hope solution is ready for next version.