BUG in the import function

Hi members!
I found what I thinkk it’s a bug in the Suite/Sugar CRM Import function.

Importing currency fields from csv goes very badly!

What’ve found is that it ignores the decimal separator if it’s not the default one.

If in the Admin -> Locale I set the default decimal and 1000s separators ( dot and coma ) and the same in user preferences and Import properties, all is ok.
If one uses non default ( for example, dot for 1000s separator and coma for decimal separator) the import function ignores it, giving wrong results.

For example, a value of 12,34 in the csv is imported as 1234,00

Anyone else has experienced this ?



If you believe this is a valid bug could you please post this on GitHub so our development team can investigate further/ fix? :slight_smile: