Bug in Reports

The is a feature in reports which allows you to convert a condition into a parameter.
Parameters appear to be changeable conditions displayed above the report.
However, if I change a parameter it will set itself to blank.
Please could someone look into this issue as it would be very useful if it would work.


Can you provide an example of this?

Here’s the example of just the same problem. I tried to create a parameter on a Data field and it doesn’t work. When I refresh results parameter field becomes blank. Am I doing something wrong?

Hello Nassy,

Similar problem has already been referenced as issue #308: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/308 .

You can find a proposed fix here:
https://github.com/vladbar/SuiteCRM/commit/22948effb3c44282bdcf7afb24cfb19655b5db9b .

Please, let us know if the proposed fix is of any help to you.