Bug in My Activity Stream

I am using SuiteCRM 8, still getting used to it (another post elsewhere in the forum to follow) and have a bug (or 2). The most obvious bug I have found is in the My Activity Stream.

I am in the UK, so will be using UK style date/time.

The people added in this, i.e. kirsteen and kevin were only added a couple of days ago, but this is showing 8 and 12 weeks.

Also, if you look at my previous messages, you can see that I was installing Suite 8, brand new install late last year, so Carl cannot be 6 months old.

Not sure what to add now really that will help.

Another bug I have just lately (and it only seems to happen in Chrome, not Edge) is that in my leads, I have Kevin and I click his name to view, and I get a white banner about 12mm high, with the spinning waiting thing. It has now been waiting all night, until I ended up refreshing the page (and I was logged out).

Please have a look at this PR that was added it is relevent to your incorrect time being shown in the activity stream

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I wonder if this is not a regression. I remember a similar issue a couple of years ago.