BUG - Email Template Editor - SuiteCRM 7.9.0

I created a test environment in which I created three users.

User A has Mozaik as preferred email editor
User B has TinyMCE as preferred email editor
User A has Direct HTML Editing as preferred email editor

First I logged in as User A and created a new email template with Mozaik with a few blocks.

Then I logged in as User B and edited the template (just added a few words at the top without any div or incapsulating tags) (TinyMCE)

Then I logged in as User C (plain html editor) and I added a span with a couple of words in the middle of the email template. The span is correctly placed inside an existing div.

Then I logged out and logged in as User A (default: Mozaik).

At first sight everything seemed normal, but, when scrolling down I realised that the whole email was repeated three times (probably one for each edit)

Then I edited (with Mozaik the code and, as soon as I entered the Mozaik editor all the edits made with the other users disappeared as well as the two additional copies of the original mozaik template.

Additionnally I checked the html code (before the last edit with Mozaik) and I noted that there were a number of html input tags that had been added.

I believe that all these are serious issues. Unfortunately I don’t know how to contribute towards solving them. I just want to highlight it because I don’t think that anyone who puts this in production and uses email templates will be happy to see his templates damaged in such way.

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Recently I was in a discussion where somebody (I don’t remember who, and I can’t find where) suggested that the editor should be a property of the Email template, not a user option.

So the editor selection would be “frozen” from the first time it was saved, so that subsequent edits would use the same editor, regardless of the user. This could be a way to work around these confusions…

Maybe completely “frozen” forever is excessive, but at least a warning should be shown when changing editor.

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