"bug" at print to pdf with templates

Hello there,

I am encountering a strange bug (maybe) when printing an pdf file in suitecrm

example pdf template quote with quote sample

the company logo wont get sized correctly (its oversized, changing resolutions on the files wont change anything - resizing the logo within the pdf template works but formation wont adjust.

also the formation in general is not pretty, nothing you would like to show your customers.

I did find some answers about that problem - creating an custom template with correct html code seems to work but I actually want a solution for this which doesnt include creating custom code for templates which could break after an update.

I installed another suitecrm on an vm to see if the bug still occurs and it did.
I changed the company logo - resized it.
Tried to play within the template with its settings and change values around a lot but thats not what I really want.

maybe someone of you had the exact problem and found a slick solution but as I read of a similiar problem more than once I think there could be room to troubleshoot this one.

a great thank you to whoever tries to help :sparkles:


I try to find a log somewhere to see what happens when printing the template/sample to pdf but till now I cannot find any hint on when the problem occurs - I just have a feeling that the problem lies within that process

This process is not very good in SuiteCRM, that’s why I made an add-on called PowerReplacer to make it better.

I can still try and help you with the default templating code but you’ll need to figure out if it’s really a bug (or bugs) you’re seeing, or just missing functionality, stuff that was never there to begin with.

About logging, see this

hello pgr,

thanks for your quick response!

I enabled the errors.log and got this line after printing to pdf:

07-Feb-2023 13:05:12 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: None in /var/www/html/suitecrm/vendor/tecnickcom/tcpdf/include/tcpdf_colors.php on line 260

I will check out the powereplacer now and see if I can fix my issue with it.

thanks again!


Check out: